About me

My name is Željko Finžgar and I am civil engineer with programming as my passion! For the past two decades, besides my job as project manager, I’ve programming and designing in my free time.

Focus is on high quality, highly efficient, small to medium-sized user optimized projects.

My main areas of expertise in programming are:

Business time

My primary source of income comes through my passion and work as civil engineer where I'm working as project manager.
Through years collected knowledge in special roof systems with big opening widths, industrial and agricultural building systems, wood prefabricated constructions like trusses and glued systems, precast concrete, etc, are real helpful in everyday business and customer relationship management.
Though lately, my work falls under material category precast concrete structures (stairs and pillars).


English, deutsch and croatian are my preferred languages as you can see through this multi-language website. Every site is written in language that is most appropriate to that Project page. For those who don't understand current language, option to translate using Google's machine translation technology is available at the top of each webpage.

Project availability

Some of my private projects, which are developed as a result of engineering collided with programming, are listed and fully available as freeware (as in: free to use) on this website - go to the Downloads page and try them! Some of them are created to test some future or speed up specific process.
Those projects were not only created by client requests, but also to research new technologies and to further develop my skills.

Currently accepting new Projects!

No matter how brilliant your idea is, at the end of the day, success depends on one thing and one thing only - user experience.
Let me transform your idea in to effective program solution that is efficient, faster, more functional and user-friendly = Stay Productive!

If you're asking yourself: Why would I need that?

If you have an interesting Idea or Project that needs to be transformed into a user-friendly solution or you require further information, feel free to contact me at . or visit finzgar.com.

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