Project Version Status Updated Size Download link ()
CN Companion v. Finished 12.2013 355 KB Win XP+dotNET2+.zip
doc2docx v. Finished 12.2014 449 KB Win XP+dotNET4+.zip
ePlanung v.- Active development 03.2021 / webapp
Fit Tracker v.- Active development 12.2020 / webapp
Linker v. Active development 03.2021 767 KB Win 7+dotNET462+.zip Win 7+dotNET462+v. Win 7+dotNET462+v.
Opterećenja v. Finished 06.2021 1127 KB Win 7+dotNET48+.zip Win 7+dotNET48+v. Win 7+dotNET48+v. Win 7+dotNET461+v. Win 7+dotNET461+v. Win XP+dotNET4+v.
Proračun pričvrsnica v.1.41 Finished 05.2015 / webapp
xList v.- Active development 03.2021 / webapp

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