CN Companion

Car Navigation Companion (aka CN Companion) merges several speed cam files into one single file. It can also be used to convert one format to another speed cam format or to optimize speed cam it by removing duplicate cam's.

CN Companion can help you with speed cam files for car navigation software like iGO, Mio Moov, viaGPS etc. Every car navigation software has its own speed camera data type in which stores information about speed cams. You can collect speed cam data from web but the problem of merging all data gathered from web sites in one file that matches your GPS navigation system software (or multiple softwares) is now solved. Supported speed cam types are: iGO, viaGPS, Mio Moov, GoClever and Garmin.

It helps you to...

Merge multiple speed cam files in to one single speed cam file

Speed cam files must be merged into one single file to easily load it in to the navigation software.

CN Companion - Merge

Main window: Input/output file(s) with Merge processing

Convert speed cam file from one software type to another type

Convert speed cam file to format that your car navigation software supports.

CN Companion - Convert

Main window: Input/output file(s) with Convert processing

Optimize speed cam file to reduce its size by removing duplicate and similar cameras

Commonly happens when merging speed cam data from multiple sources and in multiple days. One cam is considered similar to another when both cam's resides inside ~10 m area from each other. By reducing number of unusable cam positions, result file is smaller, navigation software loads faster and there are no duplicate cameras so there will be no duplicate warnings during travel.

CN Companion - Optimize

Main window: Input/output file(s) with Optimize processing


Language English
Status Finished
Technology Desktop.NET
Requirements Windows XP or newer.NET Framework 2 or newer
License FreewareNo ads

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